Thursday, September 13, 2012

Weight Loss Tips - Love Handle Workout

Love handles - the name sounds so affectionate but it is something that you have always wanted to get rid of. It is that flabby area on the lower side of your external oblique abdominal muscles that are formed when your body stores energy as fat. This area is often neglected in stomach and abs exercises, and as a result, this fat still stay even after long hours of what you thought are perfect love handle workouts. Here are some weight loss tips that will be of great help with your urge to achieve a good-looking body and losing them.

These workouts can be easy and this is because all you have to do is simply burn this spot in order to get rid of them, but you need first to raise your body's metabolism until it's enough for spot toning. That means you have to start with cardio exercise routines for you to be able to lose those stubborn love handles.

There are a good number cardio exercise routines that you can try and these ranges from gym machines to outdoor workouts. These include using a rowing machine or a treadmill and elliptical bikes. However, there are also simple routines that you can do at home, doing foggy jumps, squat thrust, or jumping jacks for example. With these routines you do not only have a love handle workout but you are also targeting endurance and boosting your fitness level. A solid foundation of 3-5 times a week of 30-60 minutes cardio exercises can be a good start.

Now you can do more exercises in order to burn more calories that will eventually lead to losing your love handles. It is actually a misconception that sit-ups, crunches, and twists are the perfect love handle workouts, although they are good abs exercises, since most of the time they burn an unimportant amount of calories but that doesn't mean that they are targeting your love handles. What then are better routines than these exercises all A regular small-distance walking and running will do better, and these exercises are not difficult to do since these can just be simply part of your daily routine. These are the most practical weight loss tips, and a sure and effective love handle workout.

In addition, you must lower your body fat percentage, and a calorie-restricted diet will be of great help as you go on with your love handle workout. A simple concept of less calorie intake and more exercises greatly helps you in your workout routine. That means hours of following serious routines of different love handle exercises will just go to waste if you go home to a bad diet. You have to maintain the combination of eating good food and regular exercise.

Do these exercise consistently in moderation (considering love handles are your only problem, not abs):

1. Side Bridge (Planks)

2. Twists (using broom or empty barbell)

3. Side Bends

4. Side Crunches

5. Side Jackknife

6. Ab Bicycles (Knee-to-elbow Crunches)

I can't post all the links here because this directory doesn't allow me to. For details on how to do them, just Google it up.
For starters, do side bridges for 1 minute each side, do the twists for 5 minutes and do everything 10 each side every other day consistently.

Most importantly than all those exercise, beginners MUST start with High-intensity Interval Training (HIIT) around 3 times per week. The function of this is to burn fat. You won't lose those love handles if you have high body fat percentage. Long cardio and slow brisk walking are not just boring (useful in some situation), but also useless if your target is love handle. Basically, HIIT is doing an intense and slow cardio back to back after a warm-up.

Example: let's say jogging (you can apply the same concept in frog jumps or other cardio mentioned before as well)

a. 4 minutes moderate jogging (warm-up)

b. 30 seconds sprinting

c. 30 seconds slow jogging

d. Repeat b and c 4-12 times (depend on your fitness level, beginners should start with 4)

e. 4 minutes moderate jogging (warm-down)

After you advanced, do a combination of HIIT, old school sprinting and brisk walking every week ( like on Monday, Wednesday, Friday). This is to beat plateau, where you won't make any progress no matter how hard you try.

You can substitute HIIT with sports that require you to move slowly and suddenly quickly like football, soccer, rugby, basketball and so on.

These weight loss tips are your guides to effectively achieve your goal of toning your body, but these suggested love handle workouts would only take effect when done together with proper discipline. In addition, care should also be taken especially when you do more strenuous abs-toning exercises, or better yet, do these routines with the supervision of a qualified fitness instructor.

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