Monday, September 17, 2012

Romeo And Juliet Found In Tana Toraja

ROMEO AND JULIET FOUND IN TANA TORAJA : Love Story of Lebonna-Paerengan

   A famous love story Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespear play has been injured all people all over the world. The story about two family disputing between Montegue and Capulet that can not bond the true love of their children Romeo and Juliet, even the death become a price. Another love story in the movie and novel always become trending for the reader.

            But, love story not only found in the fictional world. Tana Toraja that was famous with the torism object with the stone grave and it’s custom left a Romance love story such Romeo and Juliet.

            If you visit Tana Toraja and go in Londa, one of the caving grave we can see the skull side by side on the cave. Based on the source those are the skull of Romeo and Juliet in Tana Toraja.

            Many stories version about Romeo and Juliet in Tana Toraja. Many said they were prohibited to love each other because they still a very closse relative, most of Torayan believe it can make disaster if they are falling love each other. So, they were choosen to suicide together.

          But based on the “Tokoh masyarakat” in Lembang Limbong Dewata, Kecamatan Bonggakaradeng, Damaris Somba, 73 years old. The skull are the property of Lebonna-Paerengan. Lebonna was a very beautiful girl in the village and all the man always competed to found her love. But from many men that shown his love to her only Lebonna-Paerengan that make her fallin love.

            They became a couple for long tome and promised to love each other life and death. One day Paerengan had to go to join in the war. So, he left Lebonna in the village. Because there were many boys was jealous with Paerengan, they given an issue that Paerengan was death in the war.

            Lebonan that was very love with Paerengan was ver sad. She didn’t want to eat and met people. Finally, because her promise she decided to hang and kill her self. On that time, paerengan went home and found Lebonna passed away, because he really loved her he decided to end his life.

         Finally, you can find in Londa, the skull of Romeo and Juliet in Tana Toraja.

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