Saturday, September 22, 2012

Tips in buying modern House

A Modern Semi-Detached House. 20th Century Styles

Is Your House Modern?

Fashions in architecture have fluctuated wildly throughout history, but from the end of the twentieth-century through to the new millennium, we are now seeing a bigger mix of styles and design than ever before. The properties in every town, village and city are an eclectic mix of the old, the new and the ground-breaking. Materials, scales and styles vary to the extreme, and with some builders moving away from the formulaic replicas of period properties, a revolution in British house building has taken place.

Why Do Modern Houses Look Like They Do?

It's a revolution driven by innovative new methods of construction, the huge emphasis on the eco-friendly and sustainable, by government planning regulations, and by consumer demand for something more interesting than bog standard. Plus, today we have a range of sophisticated computer software packages, where designs in three-dimension are easy to create on screen, allowing us to see every angle of a possible new home at the click of the house- before it is built.
In fact, in terms of the "eco-friendly" drive (a big moral compass today) a recent survey showed that over 43 per cent of Brits consider environmental features important when they are looking to buy a property- a home that is efficient in terms of the construction method, energy use, CO2 emissions and everyday carbon footprint. We want a high performance yet sustainable home. And while some Britons will always love a period property- Georgian, Victorian, Gothic, Arts & Crafts, 1920s or 1930s, perhaps opting for a classic building but with modern conveniences- in essence, today we want the right balance between function and design.


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