Monday, September 3, 2012

The Things That is Dangerous to Tell to Your Girls

In relationship we have to keep communication and be honest. But we have to select the things that we have to tell to your girl. Keep it ....  

1. Personal care
Most men do not agree with the personal care they think is hurting the body. In fact, according to you, 'Beauty is Pain' is something reasonable.
There are men who can not bear to know that her lover had painful condition each time before menstruation. Better, keep your beauty secrets.
2. Memories with former lover
Men want to be the best figure ever owned lover. Telling romantic memories with his former lover to make him feel that you are not completely love. Alternatively, you feel your loved one to compare himself with his former lover.
In fact, could you tell me the very thing you regret. Instead, keep your past with former though sooner or later he will find out.

3. Past relationship with a male friend

            You may have a history of romance with male friends and are still friends. Telling the story has the potential to create problems in your relationship and your partner today.
Acts that would cause jealousy and paranoid when you want to meet and talk with your male friends.

4. Still thinking about a former lover

He may never see your girlfriend or do not know anything about him. Yet hear the word 'former' has become a threat to him.
Now imagine what would happen if you said how happy you are with your ex first. Even worse if your lover is familiar with the former.

            The more you know about your ex lover you are, the more upset him. The less you say, the less problems you will face. Focus to be more open and accepting affection from your loved one at this time.
While it is important to be honest, there are some sensitive information the better buried. So, think a thousand times before saying it.
Well, that's the thing that should never be told to your lover. Although honesty is important in building a relationship, but you need to consider what kind of honesty you should apply to your relationship. There are things that you should not tell your lover or spouse in order to maintain the integrity of your relationship
So, don’t tell everything about you to your girl, if you want look well.
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